I was doing a full sync with geth 1.9.22-stable. The sync is paused and the blocks are stuck at sometime on April 15th.

The log contains the following lines:

10:30:13.672838 table@compaction L0·173200 -> L1·0 S·310GiB Q·6256306088
10:32:51.016826 table@build created L1@8435513 N·8993 S·2MiB "AHn..\xb5\x00\xcf,v2773956155":"AH\x9f..\xdc\xda\x1d,v3729431318"

This is followed by thousands of "... table@build created ...". It has been running for 25hrs now - how long should this take? Any way to gauge progress?

  • Worked around it by running "geth removedb" but keeping the "ancient" part, then upgrading to geth 1.10.2 to get past the Berlin hard fork.
    – bitsanity
    Apr 30 at 1:36

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