I have found this sample from udemy course


It uses the DeployedAddress.Metacoin() and pass it to a constructor of the Contract class, what is happening in here? I tried to look and google for ways to create a contract instance but to no luck I am getting an information about this. What I am reading is using deployed() as a way to get the instance, etc specialy during the unit test.

Is this a valid way to create a contract instance using the deployed contract address? Or is all of this just happening locally and not send to a network/node or something?

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This code doesn't create nor deploy a contract. It takes the address of the deployed instance and casts to the contract type. MetaCoin meta = MetaCoin(DeployedAddresses.MetaCoin());

DeployedAddresses is a library created after running the migrations scripts (see details here https://github.com/trufflesuite/truffle/blob/develop/packages/resolver/lib/sources/truffle/Deployed.ts#L10-L51). There one function for every deployed contract that returns its address.

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