Looking at SafeMoon.sol contract here https://github.com/safemoonprotocol/Safemoon.sol/blob/main/Safemoon.sol. There are 2 ownership maps rOwned and tOwned depends on if the wallet address is excluded or not. It seems to need to maintain certain ratio between the 2 for transfer and liquidity.

tOwned is out of 1E24 total supply of SafeMoon Token. rOwned is out of the remainder of uint256Max - 1E24.

Does it mean the token’s owner (dev) owns all of remainder? Why do they need to maintain these 2 different maps? Thanks

  • If you have doubts you should ask the developers. It is my understanding that there is a rate between rXXX and tXXX amounts, so when fees are burn/paid this rate will increase the existing balances. – Ismael Apr 27 at 3:45

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