Can I have some clarification on what is the first argument of web3.eth.sign.

  • it says here that the first argument is a account-- What is an account? Is it my ethereum address or a private key.
  • it says to make sure "the account must be unlocked" -- Im not dealing with geth. How do I unlock my account?

I am just writing test on my smart contract deployment on Ganache and now I need to sign something with a private key hopefully with one of the local account I control on Ganache.

I have tried inserting my ethereum address. After using ecrecover to verify the signer of the signature, I found that the account signing is done by an address 0x3f17f1962B36e491b30A40b2405849e597Ba5FB5 -- apparently this is the address generated from the private key 000..0. Which makes sense because I think I should be passing something like a private key (not the address), hence this api confuses me.

      <Ganache Ethereum address>,

enter image description here

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