Usually this error shows up when declaring functions and goes away by adding "memory" next to the argument, but this time I can't get it to resolve. I'm trying to instantiate a struct that takes in two parameters:

struct Obj {
    string where;
    uint what;

function do() public {

the line with the new Obj triggers: TypeError: Data location must be "storage", "memory" or "calldata" for variable, but none was given.

I tried putting "memory" all over the place, after the first argument, after the second, after both, after the function, etc. Nothing seems to appease the compiler.

I'm using pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

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This function works :

function foo() public {
Obj memory obj=Obj("here",1);

Solidity is a statically typed language so you have to specify the type of each variable.

For the difference between storage, memory, and calldata, you can check these two links :

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