I have to sign a random string with my metamask. So created a js code like that:

await window.ethereum.request({
        method: "eth_sign",
        params: ["my address","My string"],
        id: "1"
    }).then(result => {
    }).catch(error => {

But i never got a response after i clicked "sign" on metamask window. The promise is always in "pending" status.

enter image description here

Is it a bug or i'm doing somethings wrong ?

Thanks you !

EDIT: enter image description here

  • can you try -> params: [<hex-value>]
    – Majd TL
    Apr 22 at 8:55
  • if this works then you need to hash ("myaddress" + "myString") and then give it in params instead of ("my address" "My string")
    – Majd TL
    Apr 22 at 8:56
  • yes i made a mistake, there is a "," beetwen "myadress" and "string" Apr 22 at 9:59
  • if i try what you said i got this error: MetaMask - RPC Error: e is undefined. It tells that there is no message to sign Apr 22 at 10:16
  • Can you add what I said as a picture in your question
    – Majd TL
    Apr 22 at 10:40

I tried it on the console of my browser look like this

Connect to metamask and get accounts:

let accs;
ethereum.request({ method: 'eth_requestAccounts' }).then(res => accs = res);

you should take an action in metamask at this point then:

let account = accs[0]
    method: 'eth_sign', 
        [ account, '0xaaaa' ]
}).then(data => {
    console.log("data ", data);

The params are the address which will sign the message, and the message as hex start with 0x.

But you should not use eth_sign its bad, read here why and use the alternative https://docs.metamask.io/guide/signing-data.html#signing-data-with-metamask

  • Thanks, "eth_sign" don't works although i do the same as you. But i tried with "personal_sign" and it's works well. Maybe "eth_sign" is deprecated now or it's because the website is not link to any ethereum RPC. Yeah i know for the securities issues but that's i use it in local and i never archieve to verify the signature of the "signTypedData_v4" method. Apr 22 at 14:45
  • @Jean-benoitRichez Richez Okay then modify my answer and then accept it if u can
    – Majd TL
    Apr 22 at 16:29

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