I am new to Blockchain Dapp development so bear with me if I sound a bit out of court. Coming from a Python background, I am trying to use web3.py to create, deploy and interact with vyper ^0.2.0 smart contracts.

I used Puppet to start a new network consisting of 2 PoA nodes on the same LAN. Although I am currently testing on 1 node to confirm contract deployment before I initialize the 2nd node. However using web3.py, I can't seem to deploy a contract to obtain the contract address required to transact. It timed out after 120 seconds. (I waited longer to see if the pending transactions will be registered but to no avail)

I also tried to deploy the same contract using Remix, but I keep getting " creation of pending...". I am using POA, I checked gas and nonce and they are good. Please can someone assist with a working sample code that would guide me through?

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