I have a Proof-of-Authority private Ethereum network that has Istanbul EVM version and created by clique engine. I have multiple signer nodes that has Geth version: v1.10.1-stable-c2d2f4ed.

"config": {
    "chainId": 23422,
    "homesteadBlock": 1,
    "eip150Block": 2,
    "eip150Hash": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
    "eip155Block": 3,
    "eip158Block": 3,
    "byzantiumBlock": 4,
    "constantinopleBlock": 2862930,
    "petersburgBlock": 2862930,
    "istanbulBlock": 3831182,
    "clique": {
      "period": 15,
      "epoch": 30000

Please see my configuration file: custom.json.

When I start geth I get following output:

"{ChainID: 23422 Homestead: 1 DAO: <nil> DAOSupport: false EIP150: 2 EIP155: 3 EIP158: 3 Byzantium: 4 Constantinople: 2862930 Petersburg: 2862930 Istanbul: 3831182, Muir Glacier: <nil>, Berlin: <nil>, YOLO v3: <nil>, Engine: clique}"

[Q] I was wondering, is it possible to hard fork a private chain that has different EVM version to Berlin EVM?

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