For the past two days I've been trying to synchronize with Ropsten testnet using the following command in Geth 1.9.25:

./geth --ropsten --rpc --rpcaddr="" --rpcapi="eth, web3, personal" --syncmode=fast --cache=2048 --bootnodes "enode://6332792c4a00e3e4ee0926ed89e0d27ef985424d97b6a45bf0f23e51f0dcb5e66b875777506458aea7af6f9e4ffb69f43f3778ee73c81ed9d34c51c4b16b0b0f@,enode://94c15d1b9e2fe7ce56e458b9a3b672ef11894ddedd0c6f247e0f1d3487f52b66208fb4aeb8179fce6e3a749ea93ed147c37976d67af557508d199d9594c35f09@"

Unfortunately, the node is approzimately 3000 blocks ahead of Etherscan. Local: 10032595, Etherscan ropsten: 10029763 When I run eth.getBlockByNumber("10029763"), block and miner hashes do not match with etherscan.

The bootnode config was taken from official ropsten github.


The bootnodes on the commandline are no longer needed. That repo was created when ropsten was attacked a few years ago. New client version should have the correct bootnodes.

Around 10 Mar 2021 Ropsten was forked to Berlink, see announcement on Ethereum blog. In order to synchronize to the correct branch use geth v1.10.1 at least.

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