I'm trying to run a test with hardhat, and have it deploy my deployments/fixtures with the command:

npx hardhat test --network rinkeby --deploy-fixture

When I run this, I get the following error:

ProviderError: The method evm_snapshot does not exist/is not available

I have a deploy folder containing all my methods to deploy, and npx hardhat deploy --network rinkeby works great.

What gives?

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The fixture functionality currently doesn't work for testnets. If you want to run your tests on a testnet, you'll first have to deploy the contracts, and then run your tests.


The following assumes your fixture setup looks something like this (?):

await deployments.fixture(contractName);

You can define a function isLocalEnv as follows.

function isLocalEnv(envName: string) {
  return !!({
    hardhat: true,
    localhost: true,
  } as Record<string, true>)[envName];

Then, wherever you set up the fixture, import network from hardhat, and use isLocalEnv to safeguard against the potentially-useless fixture init. Aka.

if (isLocalEnv(network.name)) {
  await deployments.fixture(contractName);

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