Metamask does'nt allow me to click on confirm when I wan't to approve a transaction. (i.e. the Confirm button is disabled and stays disabled whatever I do)

enter image description here

Because "Confirm" is disabled I can't do anything except 'Reject'

Store.js:30 Uncaught (in promise) {code: 4001, message: "MetaMask Tx Signature: User denied transaction signature.", stack: "Error: MetaMask Tx Signature: User denied transaction signature."}

Furtermore Metamask suggests a different account by saying: "Is this the correct account? It's different from the currently selected account in your wallet" Yes, it is actually different and for a good reason. Both accounts have sufficient funds anyways.

What can I do against it?

  • I'm having the same issue, did you ever figure this out?
    – che5
    Jun 13 '21 at 12:01

I had the same issue - I had sufficient balance in the token that I was sending but not enough ETH for the gas fee.

  • The redaction is a little confusing but your answer is right you need some ETH to pay the transaction fee to enable the button.
    – Ismael
    Jul 7 '21 at 20:16

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