I see the following error:

TypeError: Type String Memory is not implicitly convertable to expected type adress while trying to execute

with the following code:

pragma solidity >=0.4.18 <0.5.13;

contract KYC {
   struct Customer { 
      string userName;
      string customerData;
      address Bank;
   mapping (address => Customer) customers;
   address[] public customersArray;
 struct Bank { 
      string Name;
      address ethAddress;
      string regNumber;
   mapping (address => Bank) bank;
   address[] public banksArray;
    function addCustomer (address _address, string memory _userName, string memory _customerData, address _bank) public {
        Customer storage customer = customers[_address];
        customersArray.push(_address) -1;
   function getCustomer(string memory uName) view public returns (string memory) {
        Customer storage customer = customers[uName];
        return customer.customerData;

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The error is in this line Customer storage customer = customers[uName]; Your customers mapping maps address to the Customer struct whereas you are trying to map a the string uName to the struct. There are different ways you can receive customer data.

  1. Get an address as a function parameter and return the name of the customer at this address.

  2. Use pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2 and return the struct based on the address.

    function getCustomer(address _address) view public returns (Customer memory) {
         return customers[_address]; 

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