Simple Regex Language, SRL, is a type of DFA language. If eth gas makes any solidity contract ends up finite, why not use SRL to make smart contract framework? It will be more predictable then. Is eth smart contract under gas control truly turning complete or even pushdown auto(PDA)?

  • Solidity is mostly used because there's no better alternative. There are alternatives like vyper but solidity wins in pragmatism it gets the job done. Write a SRL compiler that targets EVM and show people that it is worth the time learning a new language without sacrificing compatibility with deployed contracts. – Ismael Apr 10 at 3:29
  • The blockchain itself is a Turing complete automata, since a chain is an infinity loop to generate blocks with unlimited states creation, as long as one miner left to grow the chain. A test is that one can use blocks to generate Fibonacci sequence, which is a sign of Turing complete. Solidity might be over-done by allow every transaction call to be Turing complete, which costs too much computing resources. Finite State Language is what I think smart contract ought to be when moving to stateless framework. That is why I think SRL worth a look to implement this idea. – iMorpheus Apr 11 at 13:52
  • Do you have an example ERC20 token written in SRL? Do you have a compiler that generates EVM bytecode? I found none of that on the website. I cannot judge nor recommend a language that cannot be used now on the blockchain. The Ethereum foundation gives grants for research, present a proposal asking for funding. – Ismael Apr 11 at 20:05