I have a question related to smart contract deployment and wallets. Since I am new to the Ethereum blockchain world, I want to get an insight on how it actually works and write down what a developer needs to do in order to deploy a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain.

So, I have written a simple smart contract on Remix IDE, then it was compiled, and now I want to deploy this to the Ethereum blockchain. Since I have MetaMask running on my browser, I can select on Remix IDE "Injected Web3" and this will automatically read my account and then I can deploy it. So, I understand that once I have MetaMask running, my account will be autopopulated in the account field, and then I can sign the transaction.

enter image description here

What I don't understand though, is in case of a desktop or mobile wallet, how should the developer sign the transaction of smart contract creation on the blockchain? (since there is no an automatically pop-up in the browser like MetaMask)

  • For development purposes I use a mnemonic wallet with HDWallet provider to sign transactions programatically, with a minimal amount of ether for deployment. – Ismael Apr 8 at 4:35
  • In order to sign transactions programmatically, all that is needed is to have inside the code the private key of your account??? – NIKOLAOS NOUSIAS Apr 8 at 6:25
  • It is an account for developing, don't use the same account for other purposes. – Ismael Apr 8 at 14:01

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