For EIP1155 standard the current implementation means you are supposed to have 1 base uri and then the metadata for the token is inferred from the tokens ID.

Example of such a URI: https://token-cdn-domain/{id}.json

So no matter the token type in EIP1155 they all have the same base uri.

My question was that is it possible to have different uri's for each token type. So something that looks like this?


While preserving the EIP1155 standard. Since it's URI getter function okay accepts a single param.

 * @dev Returns the URI for token type `id`.
 * If the `\{id\}` substring is present in the URI, it must be replaced by
 * clients with the actual token type ID.
function uri(uint256 id) external view returns (string memory);

It seems EIP1155 is not as flexible as EIP721 in this case.

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