Hello Ethereum community!

I was looking back at transactions made with an old ethereum wallet and came across the following.

enter image description here

Does anybody know what this refers to? I am not sure what this "ReplaySafeSplit" contract was and where this Eth may be. I believe it refers to the time when ETH and ETC split (hard fork), but these eth appear only as a transaction out of the wallet. (this is web link of the transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x5e12337a97a6442ce7c9b1d169094091bb33704bf20f6c856ff9b35770287e7b)

Could anybody confirm whether these Ether amounts could actually be retrieved?

Thank you in advance!


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Reddit will be able to help you here. Splitting is not needed anymore due to technical update of protocolls. Latest eth-wallets only send eth, latest etc-wallets only send etc.


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