I am trying to implement the following exercise "Santa's list": Build a system for tracking who is on their nice list and who is on their naughty list.

Furthermore, I do not want duplicates in my list (even though I will input common names).

Just focusing on adding people to the list I wrote the following:

pragma solidity 0.8.1;

contract SantasList {

mapping (string => uint) naughtyList;
mapping (string => uint) niceList;
mapping (string => bool) addedOrNot;
string[] addedPeople;

function addToList(string memory _name, bool _isnice) public returns(string memory _alreadyadded){
    if (addedOrNot[_name] == false){
        if (_isnice == true){
            niceList[_name] = addedPeople.length+1;
        } else {
            naughtyList[_name] = addedPeople.length+1;
    return ("added");
    } else {
    return ("alreadyAdded");

Would you have any other better way to implement this? what can I improve? Please note I am trying to avoid iteration to be efficient on Gas.

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