This is a continuation of my first question re: DAO withdraw problems.

  1. I'm running EW (latest update) on my MAC. I never connect with more than two peers and my wallet has not synced correctly since the DAO's inception. Assume others have had this problem. Here's a screenshot when I launch the EW App.

    screenshot 0

  2. I understand the EW will not show correct balances until the entire block chain syncs. Does this also mean that I cannot execute the DAO Withdraw until the blockchain has 'completely' synced? I tried The DAO Withdraw a month ago without a complete blockchain sync. Nothing happened. Here's a screen shot of the transaction and none of the DAO was withdraw from the Main DAO.

    screenshot 1

Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • Do you have the latest version of the Ethereum Wallet? 0.8.7 at the time of speaking? If not update, if yes, read this.
    – q9f
    Commented Nov 2, 2016 at 11:10


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