I have been trying all the solutions and tutorials I found on the Internet, with no success. Remix fails to compile vyper smart contracts in local and remote. How to make it work?

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    Hi there. What's the error? Apr 5 at 15:50
  • Using Remix IDE, I only see the error icon next to the Vyper icon when I try to compile. Is there another way to deploy a contract written in Vyper? Thanks.
    – Ozmode
    Apr 5 at 15:59

It appears the public Vyper server is down. This video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M5p6SnW-Og) explains how to get your local server running. You could follow his instructions, or if you have Mac, you could try what I did:

$ brew install gmp leveldb

Next I activated a Python 3.9 virtualenv and then

$ python3.9 -m pip install vyper

Then I could successfully compile Vyper files like so

$ vyper MyContract.vy   
0x7159c2e62 ...

... and start a Vyper server locally like this

$ vyper-serve 
Listening on http://localhost:8000

Then in the Remix IDE in the Vyper plugin tab you click on the "LOCAL COMPILER" tab (make sure the port number is correct given the output of the last command) and you should be able to compile successfully.


I use the brownie framework for Vyper smart contracts.


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