Just playing around with Ethereum. I create my very first private-chain on a Windows machine..

First I'm starting up the node/miner:

D:\ethereum\gethlatest>geth --dev --rpc --rpcport 8002 --datadir
D:\ethereum\gethlatest\privatechain --ipcpath
D:\ethereum\gethlatest\privatechain console

This is running without an issue. Then I am going to create the first address which I will use to collect the Ethers that the miner will mine:


Then, I will start the miner:


It starts mining, with every block the miner mines, 5 Ether is being credited to the address I just created. No problems here.

Now, I am going to start the wallet client:

C:\Users\xx\AppData\Local\EthereumWallet\app-0.8.7>"Ethereum Wallet.exe" --rpc http://localhost:8002

Ethereum wallet is looking for peers, can't seem to find one. I'm clicking Launch When the wallet opens, I see the first address created with some Ethers in it. Good!

However, in the client terminal the first error appears:

[2016-10-28 09:50:53.617] [WARN] (ui: wallet) - %cUnhandled rejection UnknownError: Internal error opening backing store for indexedDB.open. color: red

Meanwhile in the client: I want to create another address/account. I want to send some ETH to it, just to play around. I choose "add account" and enter a password and the again for confirmation.

This doesn't work, in the client terminal:

2016-10-28 09:55:38.648] [ERROR] ipcProviderBackend - Send request failed { code: -32601, message: 'The method personal_newAccount does not exist/is not available' }

Any advice on how to fix this?


  • try to run geth without rpcport and ipcpath – Badr Bellaj Oct 28 '16 at 20:49

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