Can't figure out this error. Please help!

"DeclarationError: Undeclared identifier. (bool success, ) = recipient.call; value; amount ;(""); ^---^"

function sendValue(address payable recipient, uint256 amount) internal {
        require(address(this).balance >= amount, "Address: insufficient balance");

        // solhint-disable-next-line avoid-low-level-calls, avoid-call-value
        (bool success, ) = recipient.call; value; amount ;("");
        require(success, "Address: unable to send value, recipient may have reverted");

This line makes no sense:

(bool success, ) = recipient.call; value; amount ;("");

Change to:

(bool success, ) = recipient.call{ value: amount }("");

Note that using raw calls - i.e. .call() - isn't recommended. The author of the code seems to know this, as they've explicitly added the avoid-low-level-calls comment to disable the associated compiler warning.

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