Is it available an Ethereum application that allow the owner to let "sign" his NFT asset by other addresses? If not would it be possible to develop it?

  • When you say sign you mean a cryptographic signature? – Ismael Mar 28 at 20:03
  • Who "signs" the NFT is the owner of the address I would add to a specific field in the NFT metadata, it would appear along with the creator address. A real life example could be a basketball I own and that I make sign by a famous player. – cesko80 Mar 28 at 20:48
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    In an EthGlobal's hackathon about NFT there were a couple of finalist that were designing protocols for signatures youtube.com/watch?v=dPa3UsuTAsw. – Ismael Mar 28 at 21:09
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    Super interesting demo showcase. It seems that hashink project will include the functionality I described. I'll get in touch with them to understand their approach – cesko80 Mar 29 at 9:39
  • It would be nice to answer the question if you find out more details about the project. – Ismael Mar 29 at 14:36

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