As per the title, which testing method is most correct for modifiers? Something like testing via inheritance and creating a function specifically designed to test modifiers or testing via a framework like truffle (or even something else)? Just trying to get a better idea of Solidity best practices. Thanks!


The test framework you choose shouldn't matter. We use truffle and solidity-coverage to ensure test coverage. One example of a repo with 100% code coverage is https://github.com/JoinColony/colonySale

As an example for how modifiers are tested, see this saleOpen modifier https://github.com/JoinColony/colonySale/blob/master/contracts/ColonyTokenSale.sol#L63 used on the buy function.

We test this one specifically via negative test cases, e.g. https://github.com/JoinColony/colonySale/blob/master/test/colony-token-sale.js#L215

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