First of all, I have already searched on Google, and I didn't find a clear answer.

What I would like to do : For example, I would like to make one swap on uniswap, and the second to sushiswap, in the same transaction, like this :


SUSHISWAP : UNI ( last output ) -> ALCX

I know it's possible by writing a smart contract, but I don't know at all how to do. Anyone has an idea ?

Thank you a lot.

  • @SergiJuanati , Hello, not exactly, I already saw this post before. In my mind , it should be like this : 1 - Send ETH to the contract 2 - Call UniwapRouter, to swap theses ETH against UNI ( for example ) 3 - Call SushiswapRouter to swap these UNI against ALCD ( for example ) 4 - End
    – Unimerger
    Mar 27 at 15:35

You cannot make two swaps in a single transaction without going through a smart contract.

Uniswap and Sushiswap are 2 different contracts and the only way to interact with both in a single transaction is through a smart contract.


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