I'm currently writing a smart contract that is supposed to store some data for an address, more or less in the form of an "attribute" as implemented in EiP-1056. Contrary to EiP-1056 very flexible attribute mapping, I want/need a specific set of attributes to be set. Let's assume it is an attribute "a" of type "string" and an attribute "b" of type uint8.

I don`t want to allow only one to be set or none to be set. And I only want to retrieve them together using ONE function. Question is how to store them. I see the following options:

  1. Create a mapping for each, i.e. mapping (address => string) a; and mapping (address => uint8) b; and have a retrieval function, such as function x(address i) returns(string, uint8) {}. Advantage: types are automatically checked. Disadvantage: Possibly more overhead in the smart contract (?)

  2. Store a plain serialized JSONObject containing both values, e.g. {"a":"xxx","b":5}. Advantage: plain and simple. Disadvantage: No control of the contents of the object.

  3. Put everything in a Struct, e.g. struct data{string a; uint8 b;}. Advantage: Clear structure of data. Disadvantage: Cannot be returned in one piece.

What would be the preferred way to go here? Any other options that might be useful here?

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