I would like to run a dapp in metamask mobile browser, but got stuck in below things:

1. Unable to view the console errors(inspect element) in the application
2. How to visualise page load values or functions? ( For eg: USERID display while loading the corresponding page)

Mobile OS: Android Version

It's working fine in Web browser(Google Chrome) using metamask extension.

Help will be appreciated.

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For 1) I suggest you do not use any wallet built-in browsers. Not only being hard to debug, these embedded WebViews have other bugs and issues making the normal web browser APIs to fail.

Instead, use the stock Android Chrome that has remote debugging capabilities. Then use WalletConnect for any wallet actions in a mobile browser.

For 2) looks like this is a generic web programming question and not suitable for this forum.


For (2) You can use alert function in your javascript code instead of console.log to view values or trace the program on phone browsers.

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