It seems to be a common sense that validation process on the blockchain is very fast. I wonder how fast the process could be? How long does it usually take to validate a transaction? What will be done to validate a transaction?

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There are different factors that affect the time to consider a transaction as validated.

  • Gas price: the lower it is defined in the transaction, the more time to be picked up by miners. You can check that in ETH Gas Station.
  • Network congestion: if there is a high number of transactions to be processed during a certain period, this will affect also the gas price (newer transactions might increase the gas price to go faster, so the rest will have to wait more).
  • Number of block confirmations: the more you set, the more you wait, being 12 blocks as an overall safe value (this is to avoid potential forks or uncle (orphaned) blocks).

If the average time to mine a block is around 14 seconds (nowadays), then you can estimate the time to validate a transaction depending on the decisions you make on the above points.

  • I think validation is irrelevant to gas price, network congestion and number of block confirmations. When a node receives a new transaction, it needs to validate the transaction firstly(check the balance, the nonce, etc.). I just wonder how long it will take to do that. I think maybe it is related to cpu time. But I want to know an estimated time.
    – mageover
    Mar 25, 2021 at 9:49
  • I think you are mixing the concept of mining vs. validated transaction. If you are only referring to the mining process by a node, it all depends on the hash power of that node (so there is no straight answer, because you can't compare a GPU at your home vs. a professional mining farm). A validated tx has a wider scope in which the conditions I mentioned influence in the time to consider a transaction as validated. Mar 25, 2021 at 16:45

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