I have two structs - property and owner.

struct owner {
    string ownerName;
    string ownerID;
struct property {
    string location;
    uint sqFeet;        
    owner[] owners;

I want to keep track of the owners of a property. So the current owner of a property will be the owner who was added last.

mapping(uint => property) selectedProperty;
function createProperty(string memory l,uint sf,string memory on,string memory OID,string memory PID) { //PID is calculated based on property information
     selectedProperty[PID].location = l;
     selectedProperty[PID].sqFeet = sf;
function display(uint PID) public view returns(property memory) {
     return selectedProperty[PID]

When I display the property details in remix, I get the following as output 0: tuple(string,uint,tuple(string,string)[]): London,4000,0,Mike,NTX670

Why 0 is displayed?

  • There is no reason to expect exactly that. Suggest you post a small complete contract that compiles including pragma for the precise compiler version. Mar 24, 2021 at 2:29

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It looks to me like it's returning the result just fine. If you're just wondering why the 0 is there, that's just the index of the return. If you were to return two objects like the example:

function foo() external returns(uint, uint){

Then the output would look like:

decoded output: { "0": "uint: 7", "1": "uint: 12" }

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