I'm attempting to split my chaindata files across two Samsung T5 SSDs. Mounted the new SSD at /media/t5 and copied the 'ancient' chaindata subdirectory files with

cp -r /var/lib/goethereum/geth/chaindata/ancient /media/t5/ancient 

changed group and file ownership of ancient and contents to geth changed permissions on ancient directory to 755

Changed geth.service file:

ExecStart=geth  --http --syncmode fast --cache 1024  --datadir /var/lib/goethereum  --datadir.ancient /media/t5/ancient

Did a daemon-reload and restarted geth


Fatal: Failed to register the Ethereum service: gap (#11992073) in the chain between ancients and leveldb

Should I have stopped geth before copying those files? Was cp -r not the correct way to copy the directory? Or is there some other step I missed?

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Yes, is the answer. I should have stopped geth, obviously, before attempting this. The good news was that after stopping it with

sudo systemctl stop geth

I was able to use rsync to update the destination directory, restart Geth, and all was good.

rsync -av --progress dir1/ dir2

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