Hi all I am in need of a clear understanding of the distribution of mined blocks, the verification mechanism and the longest chain rule.

  • How is a freshly new mined Block being distributed to the network?

    My understanding, a miner node distributes this to a fixed set of connected nodes. These nodes again distribute it to the nodes they are connected.

  • What happens in the case of simultaneous mined blocks are being send to the nodes for verification, if a node is in the process of verifying a new Block and another Block comes in, does the node ignore the other block?

  • How long does the miner node wait after it was the first to finish mining a block? When does the node knows, that its block has been verified by others and it can start mining a new block?

  • How often will be simultaneous finished mined blocks send to the network?

  • How is the longest chain be verified, will a node only verify the current block, which it has been received or does the node verifiy the new received block with its own copy of the blockchain?

  • How is the process of an orphanized chain, when decides a node to forget its copy of the blockchain and starts using the forked chain? Here I do not understand how a node is getting the information of another fork chain, since it always only gets 1 Block send to it and not the rest of the a possible fork chain.

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