So as I understand the situation, the Mist wallet is deprecated, no longer being updated, and we are all on our own... I hadn't checked on my ETH in about 3 years... my mistake. I managed to fix the various problems with the old version of Geth and installed the new version, but now when I try to load Mist, it looks like it is trying to sync, but it never gets anywhere and simply fills up my entire C drive with block data.

What I see trying to load Mist

The end result is that I cannot access the ETH I have held in this wallet. I don't recall ever making a 12 word pass code, so I cannot seem to import the wallet data in to a different wallet app. So my question here is... is my ETH just lost to the aether? I'm not a complete noob, but this is above my level of technical expertise, I only knew enough to open up Mist and see my ETH nice and safe and secure, not held on an exchange... I always thought exchanges were risky, so I moved all the ETH I ever bought to my own wallet. As it turns out... it would have been safer on Coinbase.

I have the same problem with the regular Ethereum Wallet...
Ethereum Wallet spins forever

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    The main thing securing all accounts is private key. Mnemonics are just a sort of an extension to that, but in the end each account requires a private key. That's possibly encrypted in your wallet files, so you would need to remember a password which you used to secure the private key. Mar 16 at 12:57

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