Can someone please tell me how to find my public key address in a "sea" of Derived Addresses when using the BIP39 (44 for Ethereum) tool?

I've isolated a laptop with this loaded in a browser, put in my Ledger 24 word recovery phrase, selected coin "Ethereum" which set to m/44'/60'/0'/0.

I'm then presented with 20 derived addresses at a time, none of which are display my public key that I'm looking for.

Is there anything I can do to better isolate my search results so I can find the address I'm looking for?

My goal is to recover ERC20 THETA that is locked on my Ledger Ethereum wallet. If I can get the private key, I can enter this into THETA's site and recover the transferred THETA & TFuel as it was taken in a snapshot long since passed.


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Use iancolman 44'/0'/0'/0 i hope you can find you Xpub key here if you can't find it i will answer again with more info


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