I'm looking forward to get transaction cost for a particular function call in solidity onChain. I found methods using the web3.estimateGasCost(). But i need is, i should be able to calculate this on-chain. Is there anyway that i can calculate this on chain.

My purpose is like, If someone deposit a amount into my contract, the gas price should be less than 1% of the amount he is depositing, otherwise it should skip some steps.

Thank you


As far as I know - you can't actually estimate the gas from solidity.

Two Related pieces of functionality that might be helpful:

  1. You can potentially use gasLeft(); Global Vars

You can call this function to understand how much gas is left in the transaction execution. You can also call this before and after a function call to understand how much gas that function used.

  1. tx.gasprice is also available as a global variable
  • ,Thank you for replying, but This actually doesn't solve my problem, i want to estimate gas price of a particular function before calling it Mar 16 at 9:57

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