My smart contract has the following piece of code:

# check if the election has begun. begin and end time must be in the future and in unix timestamp
assert block.timestamp < self.elections[_election_id].begin_unix_timestamp, "The election has already started"

On the block explorer (https://goerli.etherscan.io/tx/0xef2d5fe12514ecfe582e191b97316a4c99f5b24c4213ea0a1940dde179ec8f1e) I can see that the transaction has failed with the error message:

Status: Fail with error 'The election has already started'

How can I access this error message using web3? All I have access to is the status code in the transaction receipt, but not the error message:

signed_transaction = w3.eth.account.sign_transaction(transaction, private_key=goerli_account_private_key)
sent_raw_transaction = w3.eth.send_raw_transaction(signed_transaction.rawTransaction)
receipt = w3.eth.waitForTransactionReceipt(sent_raw_transaction)
# print(some_transaction_object.fail_message) # I'm looking for something like this

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This works using a w3 connection to infura:

# fetch a reverted transaction:
tx = w3.eth.get_transaction('0xdc9978af3e19475ee019cc21fd8513db74a98539ab373a9eb768423096ee2...')
# build a new transaction to replay:
replay_tx = {
    'to': tx['to'],
    'from': tx['from'],
    'value': tx['value'],
    'data': tx['input'],

# replay the transaction locally:
    w3.eth.call(replay_tx, tx.blockNumber - 1)
except Exception as e: 
  • so, e contains the error message that I can see on the block explorer? Jan 4, 2023 at 21:09

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