I have a smart contract running on Ropstein testnet. It includes an HTTP call to a third-party API which responds with a JSON. However, the _callback function doesn't seem to be invoking for some reason. Any clues? The relevant chunk of code:

function __callback(bytes32 queryId, string memory result) public override {
        emit APIResponse(result);
        if (msg.sender != provable_cbAddress()) revert();
        // rest of the code

    function executeAPICall() private {
        if (provable_getPrice("URL") > msg.sender.balance) {
           emit Failure("Provable query was NOT sent, please add some ETH to cover for the query fee");
        } else {
            emit OK("Trying to fetch API..");
            provable_query("URL", "json(http://ip).property");

I'm sure that the query (or, well, the blockchain-side of it) is getting executed as it logs the OK event, but there's no APIResponse event present. Does it perhaps require the API to be served over HTTPS?

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