We are using @truffle/hdwallet-provider [1] to sign transactions when deploying smart contracts on Besu. All the provided examples left the private key or the mnemonic in plain text in the truffle config file. I would like to use a JSON UTC file.

What is the best way to solve that?

[1] https://www.npmjs.com/package/@truffle/hdwallet-provider

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If your concern is about security, a general approach is by using package dotenv in order to load environment variables and avoid hardcoding secret keys or mnemonics in your code.

You just need to create a file like this in your root directory:


In this file you can add all the passwords you need, for instance:


Finally, you can add the below code in your Truffle config:

const HDWalletProvider = require("@truffle/hdwallet-provider");
const INFURA_APP_KEY = process.env.INFURA_APP_KEY;

By the way, if you are using Github or similar version controlling, never forget to add this .env file in the .gitignore one to avoid versioning your sensitive information in a repository.

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