I am trying to connect an external server to my Ethereum node. Considering I don't want to use --rpcaddr (which it works)for security reasons, I am using the following command to start geth:

geth console --syncmode "fast" --rpcapi personal,web3,eth --rpc --rpcaddr --rpcport 8545

but I get the following error:

Fatal: Error starting protocol stack: listen tcp bind: cannot assign requested address

How do I whitelist an IP address to the port 8545 correctly?

  • I got rid of that error by using --http.addr instead of --rpcaddr, and geth starts syncing, but the external server still not able to connect. – Ozmode Mar 8 at 20:10
  • Have you replaced each --rpc* with --http.* in your geth args, or only --rpcaddr? – pwagner Mar 9 at 21:27

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