I want to make any ERC721 token (on any contract) to be transferable from ethereum to MATIC chain (fully compatible with EVM with deployed support contracts on ethereum). So I am doing the following two-step process:

  • "Container" ERC721 contract on ethereum and "childContainer" with default safeTransfer and onERC721Received implemented, metadata for any token minted on this contract will be stored in http://baseURI/tokenId format.
  • "Container" contract will approve ERC721Predicate and rootChainManager contracts deployed by MATIC on ethereum which will lock specific token and mint the same tokenId on MATIC chain contract "childContainer" (called by childChainManager deployed by MATIC). Fully managed automatically by calling a single function.

I am facing an issue while transferring metadata of tokens that are not minted on the Container contract. A tokenId on any external contract can change owner to Container by calling the transfer method by the current owner. But how do I transfer metadata cross-chain, I can query metadata but it can be any URL and all tokens minted on Container are in http://baseURI/tokenId format where baseURI set on MATIC chain childContainer manually once as soon as it is deployed so metadata can be the query with just tokenId but that is not the case with tokens minted on any other ERC721 contract except Container

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