What is the easiest way to check the current size of the ethereum blockchain?

I'm thinking it would be:

cd <datadir>
du -sh chaindata

Just would like to confirm.

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You are right using du -hs ./ethereum/chaindata will gives you the synced blockchain size.

  • Thanks - I was hoping there'd be an easier way to check this via some type of site like ethstats.net or etherscan.io - doesn't sound like it'd be too hard to implement for those guys and it would be cool to have a quick reference on the current synced chain size without needing a full node
    – joeb000
    Oct 19, 2016 at 18:50

There's this site now by Afri that gives you 'current state size' and 'full archive size' (all states). It also has a pretty handy little api for pulling the data.

Site: http://whataboutarchivenodes.5chdn.co/

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