I'm attempting to transfer MATIC on the matic testnet (mumbai) and submitting the standard ERC20 transfer call (0xa9059cbb) isn't working. Here's my transaction:


When I send this to dummy ERC (0xaeea34b61f7f6c5c49dbea1383c0de496fed859c678772e5e13fdaae4db187f4), it transfers DERC tokens to the recipient. When I send it to MATIC (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000001010), it instead shows as a successful transfer of 0 MATIC to the MATIC account, and no transaction or MATIC shows on the recipient account.

Is there a different ABI that I need to be using for transfering MATIC than other ERC20 tokens?


For anyone with this problem in the future:

On the mainnet, MATIC acts like an ERC20 token and should be transferred using ERC20 transactions.

On the matic sidechain, MATIC acts like ETH and can be transferred by directly sending a message to the recipient with the MATIC amount in the 'value' field.

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