Actual problem in mind

I would like to release a token for the Island DAO.

I'm worried that ETH gas prices are prohibitively expensive - if I use ETH, the smaller guys will not come.

But ETH is the chain with the most amount of capital - if I don't use ETH, the bigger guys will not come.

enter image description here

That is why I would like to have best of both worlds from the ground up

  1. Be available on Ethereum mainnet
  2. Be available on other, much more affordable chain

Projects in the space

Additional consideration: Oracles and other parts of DeFi ecosystem?

That is on the ETH chain only, BSC does not have native oracles deployed to the mainnet.


Arbitrum is a layer 2 solution that uses Rollups. (Caveat: It's not yet live on main net.)

There's a bridge, here: https://bridge.offchainlabs.com/

Chainlink oracles are (or will be) natively supported.

Various DeFi protocols have already been ported across (e.g. Uniswap, Aave).

(I'm not affiliated with them, but have looked into using their platform.)


Fresh off the press via Daily Ape: https://twitter.com/AndreCronjeTech/status/1373197364656242690


I would need to copy-paste the entire article, it's very detailed.


Uniswap and MakerDAO has announced their official support for Optimism so network effect wise there is hard to beat that.

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