I'm trying to make use of OptimismProvider to sign the transaction on Mumbai Matic. I'm making use of provider.send("eth_sendTransaction", [hexTxn]) and instantiating provider object by: const provider = new OptimismProvider("MUMBAI_MATIC_RPC_URL", new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(window.ethereum)) where hexTxn is the hexlified version of the txn format: tx = { to: 'Contract Address', nonce: 0, gasLimit: 0, gasPrice: 0, data: '0x00', value: 0, chainId: 1 }

I'm making use of the below versions: etherjs: 5.0.30 @eth-optimism/provider: 0.0.1-alpha.14

And I'm getting the below error:

Unknown account on eth_sendTransaction

  • It is not sure if Optimistic Rollups are enabled on Matic TestNet. Could you please verify it before proceeding further on this. – Gokul Alex Mar 23 at 5:39

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