I'm doing a dry run of a mainnet to get the total gas cost/

Replacing 'Migrations'
 > Total cost:         0.000343902 ETH

Replacing 'EthText'
> Total cost:         0.001205478 ETH

> Total deployments:   2
> Final cost:          0.00154938 ETH

That's 1549380 Gwei.

The Truffle docs set the default value of gasPrice to 100000000000 (100 Shannon).

So, is Shannon the unit Truffle is expecting for gasPrice? Do I need to convert the 1549380 Gwei to Shannon? Or is Gwei?

The docs are sort of confusing.


The default unit used by Truffle in truffle-config.js is Wei (1 Wei = 10^(-18) Ether). You should set the gasPrice in this unit.

You can use this website for conversions : https://eth-converter.com/.

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