So I am making an ERC1155 token (for the batch mint pretty much). It is only ever going to mint NFT's (as you will see now now).

I am trying to batch mint tokens and store an array for each one. So each tokenID needs to have an uint8[] array associated with it. I am storing it in stateStorageForNumbers_ which is a mapping: mapping(uint256 => uint8[]) internal stateStorageForNumbers_;.

But I have no idea how to pull the array out of the 2D array to store it.

function batchMint(
        address _to,
        uint8 _amount,
        uint8[][] calldata _numbers
        returns(uint256[] memory tokenIDs)
        // Setting up tokenIDs for mint
        uint256[] memory amounts;
        for (uint256 i = 0; i < _amount; i++) {
            // Incrementing the tokenID tracker
            // Adding the tokenID to array
            tokenIDs[i] = _tokenIDsCount.current();
            // Amount is always 1 as only minting NFTs
            amounts[i] = 1;

            // HERE
            stateStorageForNumbers_[tokenIDs[i]] = _numbers[i][];

        // Minting the batch of tokens

For ease of talking about it I am going to name the arrays quick, so its _numbers[j][k].

So as you can see I am passing in a 2D array _numbers, where the length of the j array will be the same as _amount. The inner array k is what I am actually trying to store.

Inside the for loop I am creating new tokenID numbers, creating an array (that gets returned) with all the ID's, then setting the amounts to all be 1 (as I want to mint exclusively NFTs).

You can see how I am trying to store k in stateStorageForNumbers_ by the // HERE, But this gives me the compiler error:

contracts/LottoNFT.sol:97:42: TypeError: Index expression cannot be omitted.
            lottoNumbers_[tokenIDs[i]] = _lottoNumbers[i][];

contracts/LottoNFT.sol:97:42: TypeError: Type uint8 is not implicitly convertible to expected type uint8[] storage ref.
            lottoNumbers_[tokenIDs[i]] = _lottoNumbers[i][];

Is this possible? Do I need to make them fixed-size arrays? I am not sure where to go from here. Thanks in advance, a stressed-out Sol dev.

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    what happens if you try stateStorageForNumbers_[tokenIDs[i]] = _numbers[i];? Feb 24 '21 at 17:22

The comment is right, removing the [] fixes it.

stateStorageForNumbers_[tokenIDs[i]] = _numbers[i];

^ This works.

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