I initiated a transaction to transfer from an AAVE wallet to USDC address which shows as successful. However, I do not see the balanced transferred to my USDC (Coinbase) address.

Looking on Etherscan.io it shows the transaction value = 0. However, it does show in the "Tokens Transferred" From .. To ... For 5.482393108610042552 ($2,608.78) Aave Token (AAVE)

Did I misunderstand how transfers to USDC is supposed to work?

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As you can see within the Coinbase settings:

Important note: Crypto addresses are asset specific. Do not send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash address, for example, or your funds will be lost.

If you have your own wallet, you can use a decentralised exchange such as Uniswap to perform the token swap (AAVE -> USDC). Once you own USDC, you can then transfer it to your USDC Coinbase address.

If you have both the AAVE and USDC in Coinbase, you can swap directly from there.

I am afraid you might have lost your AAVE tokens if you sent this directly to a USDC address without doing the swap before.

In any case, you can also contact Coinbase to check whether it is somehow possible to access your USDCs.

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