Is it possible to search for a particular function call across all transactions of a smart contract?

I'm doing due diligence on 1inch's smart contract in order to see if renounceOwnership was called and thus no further tokens can be minted using the external mint function.

So far I've been going through the first transactions on Etherscan in the contract manually looking at the Input Data and Logs.

enter image description here


View Smart Contract Function Calls With Bloxy

Search for the smart contract using its' address with Bloxy.

i.e. 1inch smart contract address: 0x111111111117dC0aa78b770fA6A738034120C302

Scroll down to the Smart Contract Function Calls section to view all smart contract function calls made.

enter image description here

FYI - It seems 1inch never called renounceOwnership, therefore an unlimited amount of 1NCH tokens can be created.

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