I am designing an application in which I am emitting logs through transactions in the Ethereum blockchain. I also created an event listener to listen to the new logs emitted. But I want time from emitting logs to the event listener to respond to it to be in few milliseconds. But the problem here is the time taken to create a block is around 12 seconds and to get 5-6 blocks confirmations takes around 2-3 minutes which kills my service time and makes it difficult for real-time usage.

Any solution for it?

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Do not use Ethereum, but use some other blockchain that provides faster block times. E.g. NEAR EVM shard can do sub-1 second blocks.

You are still not going to see millisecond times, because of the limit of light speed. The blockchain must stay synchronous around the world.

  • is it good to trust these other networks than Ethereum?
    – krritik
    Feb 19, 2021 at 6:53

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