I have followed step by step this tutorial:


Everything works like a charm. I am working on ropsten Network.

I have create some tokens.

I have configure Metamask to see my tokens on this contract.

I can see my balance but unfortunately, i do not see the picture associated with my NFT.

Is there a way to see the picture of each token i own in metamask ?


  • MetaMask just has the token ID and balance, using the ID you would ask the contract for the metadata for that NFT, and then in the metadata in your case, there is a 'hash' entry with the IPFS hash of the image. Until MetaMask has some sort of built-in standard where you put a certain metadata key as the image data, they won't know what your NFT looks like. – nick friskel Mar 16 at 0:32

this tutorial describes the easiest way to view your nft in metamask: https://docs.alchemyapi.io/alchemy/tutorials/how-to-write-and-deploy-an-nft/how-to-view-your-nft-in-your-wallet

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    Link only answers are not recommended. It is better to include the main ideas here and leave the link for more details. – Ismael Mar 16 at 1:08

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