I'm trying to connect to a GETH node of mine from a different location. Currently I'm using the following settings:

geth --syncmode "fast" --maxpeers 100 --cache 32000  --txpool.pricebump 1 --ws --ws.api="eth,net" --ws.origins "*"

I'm using the origins "*" for testing purposes as I will replace it with specific IP addresses if I can get this to work.

I'm running UFW firewall in Ubuntu. I've opened ports 8546:

sudo ufw allow 8546

However, running any web3 call from a different location to the IP address of the node (including the 8546 port) gives error: Error: connection not open on send(). This tells me the node is not connecting.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


I've noticed adding --ws.addr "" enables me to connect remotely. However, when adding a specific IP to wsorigins, I am still able to connect from any other IP.


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