I checked the following link: how to estimate gas cost?

My contract is:

pragma solidity ^0.5.1;
contract TransferGC{
   uint public testVal = 97 ether;
   function testFunc(address payable addr) public returns (uint) {
      return testVal;
   function deposit() payable public{}

I did the following:

TGC = await TransferGC.at('0xE4F90Ef2e5815cf24eea956b1f5781601859cb90')
truffle(development)> await web3.eth.getGasPrice()
await TGC.testFunc('0x3e1D6ef576d19A6D28f3755acDb754E37aFe6E4A').estimateGas(1)

I am getting the following error:

Thrown: TypeError: TGC.testFunc(...).estimateGas is not a function

Somebody please guide me.


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You need to change the syntax of this line:

await TGC.testFunc('0x3e1D6ef576d19A6D28f3755acDb754E37aFe6E4A').estimateGas(1)


await TGC.testFunc.estimateGas('0x3e1D6ef576d19A6D28f3755acDb754E37aFe6E4A')

Because the arguments should go within the estimateGas method. For more information about the estimateGas method, check the documentation on truffle.

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